Home Business Network Marketing Success – One Key Difference Between You and Wealthy Marketers

Have you been failing to reach your goals in your home business and you’re not sure why?

Or perhaps you are aware of the persistence and determination it will take to reach those goals, but you just don’t seem to have it?

My name is Chaia Lewis and I’m a former waitress, now an internet marketer. I’m going share with you the key that successful entrepreneurs use to achieve their goals, no matter how unattainable they originally may seem. I would also like to point out that I have personally witnessed this key concept in a number of self-made millionaires. And soon after I understood it, I realized that it is literally responsible for every great accomplishment in history. This is the concept of Why. Its’ simplicity may shock you, but don’t let this simplicity deter you. Understand this concept, and a few years from now you will be looking at your goals in the rear view mirror rather than through binoculars. By the end of this article, you will know exactly what I mean by Why. Additionally, you will have a means to clearly identify your Why and an easy method to use it in accomplishing your goals.

What exactly do I mean by Why? The only way you will overcome the obstacles in your journey, whether they are your mentality, personality, a physical handicap, time, money, life circumstance, etc. is by taking the journey in the first place. Your Why is the reason for this journey. And don’t tell me you just want more money or that you will succeed because you are passionate about selling some amazing juice that will fix all heart problems. If you are, that’s great! I will even buy it! You will make $40, but you will never value what you are selling as much as the reason you are selling it. In order to be successful, your Why must become a part of your passion. Your passion comes from a desire to change your life whether it’s for you, your spouse, kids and parents, siblings or friends. You don’t want to work for someone else, right? Well WHY? WHY do you want this life so bad? It’s incredibly uncomfortable being an entrepreneur, so what makes it worth it for you? For me, I wanted so badly to never put that waitress uniform on again for the sole purpose of making my customers believe that I’m worth a 20% tip. I wanted to go to my nephew’s T-ball games, have a sisters’ night out, and be off work on Mothers’ day. My friends need my ears and my dog needs more exercise than David Beckham. I WANTED MY TIME BACK! And I want others who feel the same frustrations to be aware that there are solutions out there. This was my reason for starting my internet marketing business, but I have further defined my Why with some help.

The first objection I hear on this topic is the claim that people already know their Why. I used to believe the same. But before you make that assumption, be honest with yourself for a minute. Do you know why your goal is so important to you? Can you clearly communicate it to me? Honestly, if you have been clear on it for some time, you would be researching how to invest the $10,000 you made yesterday. If you disagree, this information will not be helpful to you and you can stop reading. If this makes sense, please read on.

Also, it does not matter whether your goal is to become your own boss or one of the top marketers in the world. Most goals are reached only after a long journey and facing many obstacles. Getting somewhere you have never been before requires you do something you have never done before, right? And this will require immense determination and persistence. As you know, these are rare qualities. Naturally, if they were common, we would all be wealthy. In most cases, achieving persistence and determination will require a monumental change on your part. This is where it gets difficult, and where your Why will come into play.

So, how do you make a change of that magnitude?

Ask someone who’s done it. I asked ten people, and after talking with the top internet marketers in the home business industry, I had a collection of different answers with one common denominator. They each had a reason, their own motivating stimulus of immeasurable importance which caused an enormous internal shift. From introverts to extroverts, every personality color out there is operating from their Why. The size of their Why woke up the persistence and determination in them that lies dormant in most of us. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world built their companies on this very principle. For example, Steven Jobs has built the infamous Apple around challenging the status quo, and we believe in Apple because they continue to do just that.

Alright, now that you have an idea where to start, (i.e., formulate your Why), the best way to clearly identify it is to do what I did, talk to an expert. I took an online course with the author of Start with Why, Simon Sinek. He has been helping people discover their Why‘s for the past five years; he could see mine before and more clearly than I could. My Why is to help people improve their perspective on life – specifically life’s obstacles. I believe most obstacles can be broken down into excuses that are easily dealt with. And the real obstacles create the defining moments in life that wake people up. If all goes well, they will get out of their own way and go get the life they desire. Discovering my Why gave me the determination to get out of a position I had been in for ten years and be my own boss. It gave me the persistence to keep at it through months of exhaustion working both jobs. And I used it by writing it down everywhere – on my laptop, on my door, and in my car. I dedicated at least 30 minutes each day to remembering Why I was exhausting myself and Why I was giving it so much time.

To sum it all up….you need outstanding persistence and determination and you will find it first, by identifying your Why, then grasping it with your best death grip.

Take some time to think about what your Why might be, but you must read Simon Sinek’s Start with Why to clearly define it. Write it down and stick it up everywhere; dedicate time to obsessing about it. You will find it impossible to sit around useless when you do this. Congrats on getting started on your journey.