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3 Responsibilities of a Sales and Marketing Consultant

The first of 3 responsibilities of a sales and marketing consultant should be for them to be honest with you; simply having a website is not nearly enough to succeed, never mind prosper these days.

Although it is true that you are putting yourself out there into the “online ocean” and positioned ahead of most business owners in your marketplace, the truth at a higher level is that just having a 24 hour brochure type website, (one without the bells and whistles) will get you nowhere and fast in this “new age” era!

Each and every marketplace and industry is getting more and more competitive and when you add changes from the consumer behavior side of this formula, you NEED TO UNDERSTAND how to adapt to this transformation or you will severely suffer. Let’s review some rather interesting statistics about marketing online.

Did you realize that 46% of businesses still don’t have a website? Now you may be thinking that I read this statistic in January of 2000, but I discovered it while doing market research in 2011. According to an internet research company (The Kelsey Group), 31% of households PREFER USING THE INTERNET FIRST when gathering information about a product or service – and many of those searches are for local business name, zip code or town or city.

As we dive deeper, 67% of all of the local searches on major search engines (Google-Bing-Yahoo) will eventually lead to an offline transaction. And 86% of searches that reach a local website follow their search up with a phone call.

The second of 3 responsibilities of a sales and marketing consultant should be to make sure their clients web infrastructure is set up to maximize the 3 tiers of effective integration in this “new age” era. First, if you have a website or blog that not only is aesthetically pleasing – make its curb appeal more desirable.

To be honest, finding a serviceable web-designer is a not all that difficult, but finding an internet marketer that knows how to market websites is another story.

The second phase of our 3 steps to integration has to do with advertising your message more effectively. Don’t let people fool you; there absolutely is an art to being “socially savvy” online! The pivotal point in the “new age” success formula is learning how to most effectively use the science behind the ‘tools of technology’ in your endeavors that pays the largest dividends.

Now onto item number 3 of what a sales and marketing consultant should be doing for your business. If your website does not have an area to capture a prospective customer’s information – BUYER BEWARE!

This is the whole point of being online in the first place. Although driving traffic to your website is a big deal and critical, converting that traffic to sales is much more impactful on bettering your bottom line. Does a grocery store care more about how many customers walk through the door or how many good are in each cart?

As we come in for a landing, I can’t express enough how important using social media and video is when marketing to potential clients and customers. If you want to improve your marketing and sales efforts, you need to know how to maximize your presence in the forums where people are hanging around online.

Internet And Marketing – How To Start A Dot Com Business

Internet and marketing has forced businesses to rethink their advertising strategies since the World Wide Web has taken over the world. Twenty or so years ago you could just simply use manual marketing to get your business known but that is not so much the case in today’s world. Since more and more people use the internet to search for products and services you need to have a website to do the advertising for you.

Though you can create a website for free there are three main items that you will need to be successful and make your presence known on the internet.

The first thing that you will have to do is buy a domain name. This is the name that you want your website to be called. They are not expensive, you only need to buy one, and it will only cost you about ten dollars for an entire year. I personally use which is about $9.88 per year. Another very popular place to buy your domain names from is and they charge $11.99 per year.

The second thing you need to have is web hosting. A web hosting company allows your website to be live on the internet. Everybody that has a website has a web hosting company that they use to enable their website to be live for everyone to see. This also is not expensive and will cost on average about ten dollars a month. At the end of this article however I will tell you how you can get free web hosting and be able to host an unlimited number of domain names. This will save you money and enable you to start making money on the internet.

The third thing that I would strongly suggest, although it is not necessary to get started, is having an auto responder. An auto responder will allow you to have an opt-in form on your webpage and will enable you to capture visitors email addresses. This can benefit you especially if you want to tell people that sign up about new services or products that you have by just simply sending them an email. Though not necessary to get started this service will cost you about twenty dollars a month. I personally use AWeber and it is $19.99 per month.

Internet and marketing can seem a bit overwhelming especially if you are a newcomer. The definition of a skill is that it is something that can be learned. So learning how to start business doesn’t have to be hard, it should be fun. So own your business, start making money fast, and start all of your businesses from home the right way.